Discover Rimini - Cultural services and guided visits and quality itineraries

Discover Rimini
is a specialist organization created in order to offer cultural services to all those who want to get to know and grow to love Rimini, a great coastal city stretching from Bellaria to Gabicce and from the Marecchia Valley to the Conca Valley.
It is a modern city with ancient roots and a historical-artistic and natural heritage that is extraordinarily rich, although largely unknown.

Discover Rimini
plans and realizes guided visits and quality itineraries for curious travellers who adore history and admire beauty: tourists on a seaside or cultural holiday or those attending conferences, as well as local citizens who want to find out more about their city.

Discover Rimini

also carries out research and provides consultancy on themes relating to local art and history.
Discover Rimini provides a professional answer to the strongly-felt need to know more about the treasures of a fascinating territory that is so rich in art and history.
Its strength lies in its ability to provide a tailor-made service based on clients’ knowledge and entrusted to a team of art historians and archaeologists with proven expertise who have been working in the field of didactics and cultural divulgation for years.