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RIMINI > Discovering the Genius Loci

Half-day itineraries (approx. 2 hours) for an initial introduction to the city and its artistic and architectural treasures.

1.1 Rimini at a glance

An itinerary for those who want to discover Rimini and have only a few hours available. It focuses on the most important periods of the city’s history thanks to four symbolic monuments (the Arch of Augustus, Malatesta Temple, Old Fish Market and Grand Hotel).

1.2 The museum at a glance

An itinerary visiting the over 100 rooms of the Municipal Museum to reveal the age-old history of Rimini, from pre-history to the 20th century, through works of art that mark the most important stages of the ancient period, the Middle Ages, the Renaissance and the modern era.

1.3 Art at night

A walk around the streets and squares of the centre, in a subdued atmosphere, offers the ideal opportunity to enjoy Rimini’s beautiful historical buildings, amid magical lights and nocturnes. Monuments and historical buildings come to life through the narration of the city’s history, its architecture and the figures that shaped its past.

1.4 Dawn narrated: a walk and “chat” on the beach at daybreak

Watch the sunrise from the quay at Rimini harbour before taking a walk along the water’s edge to admire the villas, the Grand Hotel and the skyline of the coast of the Riviera. A walk to discover Rimini bathed in a magical, unusual and extraordinary light.