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Cultural itineraries

We plan and realize cultural itineraries and guided visits to discover the history and art of the Rimini area. Organized and held by specialist personnel, they are designed to suit the characteristics of the group, targeting both locals, so that they can find out more about their city, its monuments and its heritage, in order to promote awareness and identification, and tourists on seaside or cultural holidays or those participating in conferences, with the aim of broadening the city’s offer and promoting its historical and artistic heritage.


To provide a professional and personalized service of guided visits to venues of artistic, historical and cultural interest in the Rimini area.


- Leading authorities and important guests visiting the city.
- Individual tourists or organized groups.
- All kinds of school groups.
- Participants in meetings, conventions, trade fairs and conferences.
- Personnel working for public services or private companies on the territory, in particular those who deal with the public or tourists.
- Resident citizens who want to find out more about their city.

Planning variables

- Personal training and culture of participants.
- Time available.
- Transport means desired for the itinerary.
- Language/languages.
- Particular interests.

Personal training and culture of participants

DISCOVER RIMINI is able to offer guided itineraries designed to divulge all kinds of information - from general information to specialist levels - on topics relating to the history, art and natural aspects of the city and its territory, including the Marecchia and Conca Valleys.

Time available

Itineraries can be designed to last from a minimum of 2 hours to a maximum of 3 days.

Transport means desired

Visits can be made:

- on foot.
- by bicycle.
- by scooter.
- by car.
- by bus.


DISCOVER RIMINI has guides and translators with excellent knowledge of the main spoken languages (English, French and German) and can also provide translators for other languages (Russian, Spanish and Chinese).

Particular interests

All kinds of itineraries can be organized based, for example, on a particular historical period (Roman Rimini, Malatesta period) or theme (Art and Faith, Seaside Rimini, Fellini’s Rimini).

The strengths of the service

These lie in the planning, which is “tailored” to meet the needs of clients, created following an interview aimed at analyzing participants’ ability to listen and specific requirements.